quarter [kwôrt′ər]
[ME quartre < OFr quartier < L quartarius, fourth part < quartus, fourth: see QUART1]
1. any of the four equal parts of something; fourth
2. one fourth of a hundredweight: 25 pounds in the U.S., 28 pounds in Great Britain
3. one fourth of a yard, or 9 inches; span
4. one fourth of a pound
5. one fourth of a mile; two furlongs
a) one fourth of a year; three months
b) any of the three terms, of about eleven weeks each, which make up an academic year in some schools and colleges
a) one fourth of an hour; 15 minutes
b) the moment marking the end of each fourth of an hour
a) one fourth of a dollar; 25 cents
b) a U.S. or Canadian coin equal to 25 cents: the U.S. quarter is made of copper and nickel
9. any leg of a four-legged animal, with the adjoining parts
a) any of four main points of the compass
b) any of the four divisions of the horizon as marked off by these points
c) any of the regions of the earth thought of as under these divisions
11. a particular district or section in a city [the Latin quarter]
12. [pl.] lodgings; place of abode
13. mercy granted to a surrendering foe
14. a particular person, group, place, etc., esp. one serving as a source or origin [news from the highest quarters]
15. the part forming the side of a shoe from the heel to the vamp
16. Astron.
a) the period of time in which the moon makes about one fourth of its revolution around the earth
b) the first or last quarter phase of the moon, when it appears half lighted
17. Football Basketball etc. any of the four periods into which a game is divided
18. Heraldry
a) any of the four equal divisions of a shield
b) the bearing occupying such a division
19. Naut.
a) the after part of a ship's side, between the beam and the stern
b) a direction at a 45° angle aft of either beam
c) [pl.] an assembly of crew members as for muster or at assigned stations for a specific drill or emergency
1. to divide into four equal parts
2. loosely to separate into any number of parts
3. to defile (the body of a person put to death) by dismembering it or cutting it into quarters
4. to provide lodgings for; specif., to assign (soldiers) to lodgings
5. to cover (an area) by passing back and forth over it in many directions like hounds in hunting; search intensively
6. Heraldry
a) to place or bear (different coats of arms) on the quarters of a shield
b) to add (a coat of arms) to a shield
7. Mech. to set (a crank, etc.) at right angles to the connecting part
1. to be lodged or stationed (at or with)
2. to range over an area like hounds in hunting
3. to swim, sail, etc. at an angle because of the wind, current, etc.
constituting a quarter; equal to a quarter
at close quarters
at close range; close together
cry quarter
to beg for mercy

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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